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Culinary Use of Bay Leaf

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Bay leaf

Bay trees have been valued since ancient times. Their leaves were used to treat numerous diseases thousands of years ago. Applying them in cuisine is the easiest way to gain some of their benefits.

When we add bay leaf to a dish, we gain a unique flavor and a bouquet of health benefits. The spice is seen as the most readily available treatment for aiding the digestive system and its smooth functioning.

Aside from that, bay leaves have the capability to protect the liver, remove toxins from the body, boost the immune system and protect against gas, sinusitis and intestinal spasms. The unbelievable flavor which they provide simulate appetite and stabilize stomach function.

In the past however, there was a time when bay leaves were added to water that was served for washing hands before meals.

Nowadays, bay leaf is used as a spice, either fresh or in the form of dried leaves, which can be whole or powdered. It goes well with fish, beef, wild game and all kinds of soups.

Cooking with bay leaf

It is a perfect supplement to spicy flavors. Bay leaf is also added to mixed pickles, in combination with other spices, such as garlic, onions, black pepper, allspice and others. As well, it is used to marinate pickles, mushrooms and tomatoes. It enhances the taste of sauces.

Bay leaf is a priceless spice for all kinds of beef, pork and lamb meat dishes. With it, boiled and sauteed fish, dishes with green beans, peas and vegetables reveal their full flavor.

Bay leaf has a high glycemic index and an intense flavor. Because of this, it must be used sparingly. When added to dishes, the ratio must be 1 leaf per 4 servings. Also, it must be removed before serving.

High doses of bay leaf can distort blood sugar levels in the body. In addition, high doses lead to vomiting because of overstimulation of the digestive system. It is not recommended for people suffering from stomach diseases.