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5 Creative Techniques for Decorating Easter Eggs

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Easter eggs

Easter is one of the most festive and beloved of Christian holidays. It often becomes an occasion for bringing together the entire family. And what must every Easter dinner table have? Dyed eggs, of course. Dyeing eggs is an integral tradition, in which both children and adults take part.

With every passing Easter however, it becomes ever harder to come up with new and original techniques for decorating eggs. So, let us offer you a few interesting ways to give your eggs a charming and impressive appearance this year.

The first decoration proposal is not only impressive but practical as well. If you have an old and no longer used lace cover or blouse - you can finally find a use for it in dyeing Easter eggs. The idea here is to have the pattern of the lace leave an imprint on the egg.

Dyed eggs

Wrap the egg in the lace, then tie it tightly. Dip the eggs in the desired color and remove after 10 min. Once drained and dried, remove them from the cloth. The end result will be beautiful patterns, making your eggs look like a work of art.

The next decoration idea for Easter eggs is also just as easy and effective. Simply dip the boiled eggs in glue, that is not instant or silicone. Then, just dip the eggs in a bowl of fine colorful beads. That's it!

Decorating with foil is the easiest method for giving your Easter eggs a nontraditional appearance. All you need to do is acquire some thin colored foil and wrap it around the eggs.

Easter Table

You can also decorate your boiled eggs with soft pastels. The only condition is for the eggs to have already cooled. Use the pastels to draw figures. Next, dip the eggs in the dye of your choice.

How does a sugar decoration for eggs sound to you? Mix 1 cup of powdered sugar with a little water to get a homogenous mixture. Then, using an icing piping syringe, create the desired design with the glaze atop the already dyed eggs. Finally, leave the eggs to dry.