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Harms and Benefits of the Most Popular Drinks

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Black tea

This is a favorite drink of the people living in Great Britain and the Arab countries. Black tea has a tonic effect on the body due to the caffeine in it.

According to scientists, it also has a stimulating effect, almost the same as coffee. The tannins in Black tea also help against infections. The catechin has an antioxidant effect.

Black tea protects from stress and improves mood. However, no more than 2-3 cups of it should be drunk per day, since this may cause insomnia and disruptions of the digestive system.

Green tea

Green tea

Scientists consider it one of the healthiest drinks, since it has numerous beneficial properties. It protects against cardiovascular diseases, has an anodyne and anti-inflammatory effect, reduces the risk of the development of cancer.

As well, it strengthens the teeth. It stabilizes digestion. It prevents the occurrence of kidney stones. It increases human longevity. And some wonderful news for the ladies - it leads to weight loss.

Warning! Do not drink green tea excessively. In larger quantities, it can cause harm to the liver.

Fresh juice

Fresh squeezed juices

Fresh squeezed fruit juices contain enormous amounts of vitamins - А, С, В, К, Е, as well as minerals. The juice from apples for example prevents the development of mental illnesses. Sour cherry juice contains high amounts of antioxidants. Orange juice protects against hypertension.

Fresh squeezed juices do have one downside. They have way too much sugar, which is harmful to the tooth enamel. Some scientists believe that the daily consumption of juice increases the risk of developing diabetes in women by 18%.

Soft drinks


Warning! Soft drinks have no beneficial properties. Other than suppressing hunger. If you drink them excessively, you increase the risk of developing diabetes and becoming obese.

Your tooth enamel will be completely ruined because of the sugar, sweeteners and acids that soda drinks contain.

Furthermore, they lower the amount of calcium in the bones and increase the risk of muscular diseases.


During both summer and winter, coffee is the perfect drink for waking up. It is a pick-me-up that improves memory. It improves mood and increases muscle tone. It contains caffeine, antioxidants, potassium, vitamins from groups B and P.

What are its other beneficial effects? It lowers the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cirrhosis.

And the negative ones? It raises blood pressure, increases cholesterol in the blood and increases the risk of miscarriage in pregnant women.