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Today is International Burger Day

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May 28th is International Burger Day, with burgers being the favorite food of Americans and also widely popular all over the world.

The popular hamburger was prepared for the first time in the German city of Hamburg, while its classic version was made in the US after the Germans decided to grind the meat for the steak, to make it more tender for eating.

The new specialty was called a Hamburg steak for many years, and later people began to call it a hamburger for short.

Since its first appearance in 1880, the burger has undergone many changes, being served differently in different parts of the world.

To this day, Americans continue to be #1 fans of the burger, with 3 burgers eaten for every person in the US per week, and nearly 14 billion burgers eaten in the country every year.


A few years ago, it was indeed an American who set the world record for the most burgers eaten, after eating his 25 000th Big Mac.

The 60-year-old Don Gorske from the state of Wisconsin has appeared in documentary films several times, showing the consequences of regularly eating fast food.

He was 19 years old when he ate his 1000th burger. Then he began recording the number of burgers eaten.

The largest burger in the world was made in 1982 by 10 000 people.

The most expensive burger cost $ 10 000, with a special variety of beef and truffles among its ingredients and its topping having been made from 24 karat gold.

Eating Huge Burger

The most epic burger contained 140 000 calories and was made from 20 lb bacon, 13 lb ground beef, 11 lb of other sausages and 2 pitas of bread, weighing 10 lb each.

A new study reveals that Bangladesh, Hungary, Indonesia, Senegal, Ghana and Thailand are also among the countries where the burger is consumed quite often.