What to Eat During the Heat Waves
Какво да ядем в жегите
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What to Eat During the Heat Waves

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Hot days demand their own rules of life. And in order not to suffer when it's hot, you must know these rules. During the scorching heat, nutritionists recommend a change in the menu.

Consume less sweets and red meat, give more priority to water and vegetables and you will adapt much easier to the summer heat, which causes serious discomfort.

The first rule is not to overburden your stomach. The heat provokes us to reach for the refrigerator, since it is filled with delicious icy things.

That is exactly what you must not do. A large quantity of food requires a large amount of energy for the body to absorb. Instead of using the energy for vitally important processes, the body spends it on digestion.


Overeating leads to overburdening of the digestive tract and disrupts its function, plus, excess food sticks to the hips in the form of fat.

Get up from the table before you feel the sense of satiety. The second rule is to temper your menu. It needs to be balanced during the heat waves.

About 15% of the food during the heat needs to consist of 14% proteins - found in chicken, fish, dairy products. Aside from that there needs to be fat - about 12%.

Ice Cream

The rest are carbohydrates, but try to substitute simple carbs such as sweets and dough with complex carbs - cereals, fruits and vegetables, which provide a long-lasting feeling of satiety.

In the heat, the acid-base balance of the body is disrupted in favor of the "acidic" side. That's why the body needs dairy products and plant-based food, in order to neutralize the harmful acidity.

During hot weather, drink lots of water - twice the amount you would drink during cold weather. Water is essential especially during physical exercises, when a person sweats and needs to restore the moisture lost.