Good Health Comes with 14 oz Mixed Vegetables Per Day
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Good Health Comes with 14 oz Mixed Vegetables Per Day

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The World Health Organization (WHO) advises us not to eat more than 14 oz (400 g) of fruits and vegetables per day, and a new study confirms this information.

Just 5 servings of mixed vegetables per day are enough to decrease the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases, claim publications in the online version of the British Medical Journal.

Earlier this year, a different British study showed that to be healthy, we need 7 servings of mixed vegetables daily. The authors of the current study from Harvard University do not agree with this research and claim that 5 servings are the perfect amount of fruits and vegetables for every person.

They add further that quantities over this norm will not harm the body but also won't provide any additional benefits. The study was conducted after the experts analyzed 16 separate studies, in which over 830 thousand participants took part.

The result of the current study showed that each additional serving of fruits and vegetables decreases the risk of death from a cardiovascular disease by 4% and death from any other cause (meaning disease) by 5%.

Mixed Vegetables

Consuming more than 5 servings will not further lower the risk of various diseases in any way. Researchers have still not clarified the reason for this.

In reality, these 5 servings are 14 oz (400 g) of fruits and vegetables, divided into 3 oz (80 g) per serving. The World Health Organization has been recommending this dosage since 2003, claiming that this is the exact amount needed in order for a person to feel good and healthy.

1 serving of mixed vegetables can include half a cup of boiled or steamed vegetables. Of course, if you prefer, you can eat them raw.

1 serving of fruits comes out to be around 1 medium-sized banana or orange, 3 prunes, 14 cherries or 7-8 strawberries.