5 Spices for New Chefs

Jana G.Jana G.
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If you are a new chef, you have yet to accumulate knowledge and culinary skills. There are 5 spices capable of transforming even the most plain dish into a delight for the palate.

With them, your meals will possess the taste of Italian romance, French zest and the spiciness, characteristic of most Eastern dishes.

The Italian style suggests a sufficient use of basil and oregano. You can buy them fresh or dried or cultivate them yourself in a pot.

Add them to typical Italian foods - pizza and pasta, as well as to salads of fresh vegetables and you will achieve a genuine Italian banquet.


Oregano and basil complement meat and fish dishes quite well. Another important spice is ginger - this is the spice that good chefs use both in desserts, as well as in main dishes.

Ginger is added to bakery goods, bread, biscuits and all sorts of pastries. Without this spice, it is impossible to imagine the taste of Chinese dishes.

Cook a chicken or vegetables in ginger sweet and sour sauce, sprinkle this spice over rice, make ginger tea.

Every dish will become more delicious if you add a little bit of paprika. Add paprika to salads and soups, it will make their colors brighter.

And the most trite, but extremely healthy and irreplaceable spice, is black and white pepper, in ground form or in peppercorns. Roasting, boiling, sauteing - all of this is unthinkable without black or white pepper.