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Health Benefits of Raspberry Juice

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Raspberries have very few calories, so you can consume them without limiting yourself. The sugar is easily assimilated - Raspberries contain fructose and glucose.

Raspberry juice, as well as raspberries, is rich in organic acids, pectin, cellulose, vitamin C, vitamins A, В2, РР, as well as beta-sitosterol - a substance that has antisclerotic properties.

Raspberries contain coumarin, which normalizes blood clotting, as well as anthocyanins, which help strengthen the blood vessels.

Raspberries are rich in copper, iron and folic acid. Raspberry juice is often used for colds, and the content of cellulose in the red fruits makes them ideal for cleansing the stomach.

The pectins found in raspberry juice help to get rid of harmful substances from the body - gallbladder acid, salts of heavy metals, radionuclides, cholesterol.

Eating raspberries

Raspberry juice is used as a prophylactic against prostate problems, as well as for increasing libido and for neurasthenia.

When it comes to antisclerotic prophylactics, the raspberry is indispensable. Raspberry juice is not recommended if you have a liver disease or are allergic to fuzzy fruits.

If you have skin problems, raspberry juice is a fundamental beauty aid. If you have blackheads and pimples, combine the juice of fresh raspberry leaves and butter in a 1:4 ratio, until it starts to look like a cream. Rub your face with it every night until you're completely rid of the blackheads and pimples.

Against wrinkles, moisten a thin piece of cloth with raspberry juice and place it on the skin of your face for 15 min. Rinse. This mask provides freshness to loose skin and gets rid of wrinkles that aren't too deep.

A mask for dry normal skin can be made from 2 teaspoons raspberry juice and 1 egg, beaten to foam. Leave the mixture on the face and neckline for 20 min. and then wash it off with cold water.

For oily skin, apply raspberry juice to the skin in several layers - after each layer dries, apply the next one. Apply a total of 5 layers and after half an hour, wash the face with cold water.