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Culinary Use of Emmental

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Emmental cheese is also known as the king of cheeses. It is the basis of the national Swiss culinary temptation - Swiss cheese fondue.

The aristocratic Emmental cheese has a saturated flavor, slightly sweet taste and many holes. It is made from the milk of Alpine cows, which are taken to graze in special Alpine pastures during the spring and summer, when the grass is soft and juicy.

The cheese is initially aged in a cold and humid area, then in a warm underground area, and finally in a cold cave. To make classic Emmental, it needs to age for at least 12 months.

The cheese owes its name to the Emme River, located near the Swiss canton of Bern, known as a center for cheese production.

Emmental can be served thinly sliced, with a quality wine and sliced fruits, plus it can also be added to salads. However, its classical use is in Swiss fondue.

Today, Swiss cheese fondue is a symbol of luxury, even though it was invented by cattle herders whose dinner consisted of only 3 products - cheese, bread and wine. Centuries ago, they used to heat the cheapest white wine and throw pieces of old cheese in it, while then dipping pieces of bread in the sauce.


You can make fondue yourself, you don't even need any type of specialized container. All you need to do is heat 1 part dry white wine, then add 2 parts grated Emmental and stir until it dissolves. Add 1 tablespoon of starch to thicken the fondue.

Using heat-insulated fondue forks, string on pieces of bread and dip them in the fondue, which you can sprinkle with various spices to taste. If using regular forks, their handles will heat up from the fondue and there is the possibility of burning yourself.

The recipe for Fondue Neuchateloise has been popular in Switzerland for centuries. For this fondue you will need 14 oz Gruyere cheese and 9 oz Emmental, 1 1/5 cups dry white wine, 1 tsp lemon juice, 2 tsp starch, black pepper to taste.

Grate the cheeses and combine them. Put them in the container in which you'll have the fondue, pour in the wine, add the lemon juice and starch, and heat on a medium stove. Stir with a wooden spoon in an 8-pattern, until the cheeses melt.

Add in the black pepper and place the container on a fondue burner, to keep the fondue hot. String pieces of bread onto long, thin forks and dip them in the fondue.