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Reasons to Eat Slower

Jana G.Jana G.
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One of the main problems in life is the incredible speed with which everything happens. We're always in a hurry to be off somewhere, which is why we barely have time for a normal breakfast or lunch.

Usually eating consists of stuffing our face lightning fast while we're getting other work done. This does not have a good effect on our health at all.

What you should do is decrease the amount of food you're eating and instead increase the time you're actually chewing it. This will take only a few more additional minutes.

20 years ago, in Italy, there arose the slow eating movement. This is a new way of life and there are many reasons for which it is remarkably important.

One of them is weight loss. Slow eating helps in weight loss because you eat much less food. It is known that the brain requires a whole 20 min. to realize that you are full.


Another reason to eat more slowly is the enjoyment you would get from the taste of the food. When you stuff yourself and practically don't chew your food, there is no way for you to taste what exactly you're eating.

Even when you stray from your diet and allow yourself one of those forbidden desserts, there is no way to delight in it either because you eat it too quickly and the taste just isn't the same.

Good digestion is another reason to eat slowly. Food that is well-chewed is absorbed more quickly and easily than large swallowed bites.

The last but not least important reason is that during slow eating, your body relaxes. In this way, slow eating can turn into a kind of meditation.

While you're eating, don't do anything else and try not to think about the thousands of problems, at least for a few minutes.