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A New Superfood for Weight Loss

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Jacob Kreychek and Marek Humple announced that they've created a superfood, containing all of the vital ingredients for the human body. The alternative food is called MANA.

The Czech scientists have chosen the name MANA for their alternative food because it is similar to the gift from the heavens in the Bible.

Its creators state that it contains no cholesterol, saturated fatty acids, toxins or cancerogenic substances. The avant-garde food is offered in powdered form, which needs to be dissolved in water in order to be consumed.

It is beige-colored and tasteless. Flavors can be added to it as desired.

MANA is a low-cost and economical alternative to food as we know it.

The superfood can also be used to control your intake of calories. By consuming MANA, those people who want to lose weight or gain muscle mass will have a much easier time than going on a lactose and gluten-free diet.

Research done by nutrition experts earlier this year proved that care needs to be taken when eating certain foods, such as goji berry, because consumption of them is not completely harmless.

In some cases, superfoods can even cause more harm than good.

Foods such as goji berry, quinoa and kale can lead to thyroid problems and even the worsening of arthritic conditions, claims expert Petronella Ravenshear.

Goji berry

According to her, the consumption of kale hinders the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.

Regular consumption of the overrated quinoa can overburden the intestines and irritate them.

It has also been proven that the chemical composition of goji berry increases the risk of developing leaky gut syndrome.

Scientists have discovered that last year 61% of people bought certain products just because they had the label "superfood" on them. The British Dietetic Association immediately took a stand on the issue by announcing that such foods are not completely safe.

"Pay close attention when consuming goji berry - especially if you have arthritis. In fact, it's best to substitute them with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries, which are rich in antioxidants, and are more delicious, " goes the official statement of the British experts.