Scientists: Drinking Beer Makes People Smarter
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Scientists: Drinking Beer Makes People Smarter

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American scientists have proven that the frequent consumption of beer has a positive effect on cognitive functions, memory and enhances the thinking process.

The drink's benefits to human intellect are due to the flavonoid xanthohumol, which is found in hops. However, in order for there to be an effect, beer needs to be consumed in huge quantities.

The amount of xanthohumol required to become smarter can also be obtained through dietary supplements. In the form of beer, over 528 gal (2000 L) a day would be needed.

According to the scientists from the state of Oregon, xanthohumol can be used to treat metabolic syndrome and changes in memory due to aging.

Thanks to this flavonoid, metabolism is sped up, the fatty acids in the liver are reduced and the thinking process is significantly improved.

Scientists have studied xanthohumol in experiments with mice, which had to get through mazes, specially developed for the experiments. It was discovered that xanthohumol was more effective for younger rodents than for older ones.


Another conclusion from the research showed that the earlier one began to consume beer, the greater the effect.

A study 2 years ago showed that beer can also be a useful aid against colds.

Japanese scientists proved that a key component in beer can spare you the annoying sniffling. The substance is called humulone and is contained in hops.

Based on the data of researchers from Sapporo Medical University, the chemical compound is a powerful weapon in the fight against respiratory viruses, plus it has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Respiratory viruses can lead to serious complications, including pulmonary inflammation and difficulty breathing. They are the main causes of colds during the cold months.

Additionally, this chemical in beer contains antioxidants and vitamins, which can help prevent heart diseases. Hops are rich in polyphenols, which fight cancer and kill viruses.