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Healthy Alternatives to Unhealthy Foods

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In the fast-paced world that we live in, we are literally surrounded by unhealthy foods. This truly is a serious problem but it can be solved, as long as we make use of a few small tricks. Our diet can be healthy and just as delicious if we find the right substitutes for the harmful products that we consume most frequently. Here's what nutrition experts have to offer:

Applesauce to substitute sugar

Numerous studies have shown that applesauce has an excellent effect when it comes to healthy eating. It provides a sweet tinge to food, while at the same time not containing many calories. Using it instead of sugar would save us from all of the unhealthy substances present in sugar.

Substitute mayonnaise with nonfat yoghurt

This move is quite clever, since nonfat yoghurt contains significantly less fat than mayonnaise and cream. Plus there is hardly any difference in the consistency of the products. That is why we can use nonfat yoghurt anywhere we would normally add unhealthy mayo, without any qualms.

Avocado puree is preferred to oil

According to the experts, the oils found in avocados have a healthy effect on our bodies. It is recommended to substitute the oil or butter we use for cooking with avocado puree. This way we will provide our bodies with healthy cholesterol levels and protect ourselves from heart problems.

Fried chicken

Bananas instead of sugar and butter

The composition of bananas allows them to be turned into a perfect alternative to sugar and butter. At the same time, they are healthy since they contain potassium and normalize blood pressure. In addition, by eating bananas you will be taking great care of your digestive system.

Nuts are better than croutons

Are you used to adding croutons to your salad? Substitute them with nuts and you will be left shocked at how nice the end result turns out to be. By putting in a handful of nuts instead of salty and greasy croutons, you will guarantee excellent heart health and energy.

Oatmeal is superior to breadcrumbs

You love fried chicken but also want to eat healthy? Then simply substitute salty breadcrumbs with oatmeal. Season with spices and enjoy the resulting culinary masterpiece.

Baking soda is preferred to tonic

If you're a fan of caloric cocktails with tonic, there is a way to make dietetic substitutes for them. Using baking soda will significantly decrease the sugar content of this type of beverage. The difference is barely noticeable.

Pumpkin spaghetti

White flour is no match for whole-wheat flour

Most bakery goods offered on the market are made from white flour, which dieticians say is bad for us. However, if you go with whole wheat flour, you can say goodbye to excess pounds and say hello to a healthier life.

Grated zucchini or pasta

One the easiest ways of decreasing your intake of dough products is to substitute pasta with strips of zucchini. You can grate the zucchini with a peeler or cut it into long thin strips. Optionally you can bake them very briefly or use them raw. Then pour on a sauce of your choice.

Mashed potatoes to thicken soup

Every chef has their own techniques for thickening cream soup. Some use high-calorie ingredients such as cream. However it can be successfully substituted with sweet potatoes. This way the soup will end up with not only fewer calories but will also be healthier since the presence of potassium in the sweet potatoes will normalize blood pressure.