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Why are Americans Fat?

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Statistical data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that in less than 2 decades, 32 million Americans will be overweight. This number includes not only adults but children and adolescents as well.

Data shows that currently, 35.7% of the population is obese. This frightening picture is the leading cause for thousands of studies intended to determine the reason for this trend.

According to them, one of the main factors is the constant and easy access to food. On every street and street corner, they open up fast food places, small stores or huge supermarkets.

Main nutritional studies have found the link between certain foods and how they lead to an increase or decrease in body weight. Based on these, processed foods are one of the most dangerous products that lead to weight gain.

Potato chips are one such example. Also in this category are artificial sweeteners, which according to the latest research are just as harmful as white sugar.


Processed meats show a presence of harmful fats that are difficult for the human body to process, leading to their accumulation and the damaging of different organs and systems.

And of course, consumption of fruits, vegetables, dairy and whole-grain products provides exceptional benefits for metabolism. They are rich in valuable substances that help maintain a healthy and robust body without excess pounds.

According to the statistics, globalization, stress and the computer revolution are also factors for obesity among the American population. The hours spent in front of the computer, the lack of physical activity in everyday life and the consumption of ready-made foods have a detrimental effect on health and body weight.

Unfortunately, when people turn fat and are no longer in shape, this leads to them having increased blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases etc. Data shows that only 20% of the population have an exercise program that they adhere to.

Also, the different programs aiming to get people to quit smoking leads them to reach for food instead of tobacco.