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When to Salt Different Products During Cooking

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The dosage of salt in cooking is not something that is a constant for every dish. Along with this comes the question of when the different ingredients in the dish need to be salted. And the answer is never one and the same.

The various dishes and the ingredients in them are salted at various times. In most cases, this generally happens in the middle or toward the end of cooking.

There is no precise time frame and amount when it comes to adding salt. It depends on the dish, as well as its ingredients. So when it comes to adding salt, proceed depending on the specific dish.

When frying, salt the products ahead of time. The interesting thing here is that for grilling, there are those who prefer to salt the ingredients at the very end. But whatever you choose, keep in mind the type of meat and method of preparation.

If frying or baking fish or livers, salt them about 15 min. prior to frying. If frying eggs and vegetables, salt them right before you begin frying. Grilled meat that has not been soaked in marinade needs to be salted at the end.


Other dishes, such as bean stew for example, are salted 10-15 min. before removing them from the heat, but definitely before the tomatoes.

If adding sauteed onions and carrots to a soup, put in some of the salt while sauteing these products. Add the remaining salt about halfway during boiling.

Soups with meat need to be salted at the end of boiling, and those with fish - at the very beginning. Keep in mind that salt is felt more noticeably in salads and cold appetizers and you should be careful with the amount used.

There are also rules for salting lettuce salad. Most of us salt it right away after we cut/tear it. And the result? Within minutes, the salad ends up swimming in water.

To avoid this, first sprinkle the salad with oil/olive oil, toss well so that it seasons evenly, then add vinegar or lemon juice. Add the salt at the very end. This way, it will release very little juice and will remain fresh for hours.