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Eat Only Every 8 Hours to Lose Weight

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The holidays are upon us and besides the fun and delightful moments with those closest to us, it also means sitting at the kitchen table quite often, which will of course lead to excess pounds. Instead of staring at all the delicious food and trying to convince yourself that you shouldn't eat, try to eat every 8 hours during the day.

According to the experts, this will bring you the needed success and not only will you not gain weight, you will also lose some of those excess pounds that have been worrying you for awhile. Based on the results of a study, if you limit the time in which you eat, you will also decrease the risk of type II diabetes.

Experts point out that it matters not whether you eat sweets or fatty foods during the set eating times. When you come up with an eating schedule, the body begins to foresee when it will consume nutrients.

Scientists are convinced that this will make every person's body much better prepared for burning the calories taken in. To conduct their study, they used rodents, which they divided into 2 groups.


To one group they gave foods rich in fat throughout the whole day, and to the other - only every 8 hours (at 9 am and 5 pm). The results revealed that not only were the rodents who had an eating schedule thinner than the other mice, they were also healthier.

Scientists explain that it is important for a person to keep to a schedule of some sort, since this way bodily systems become synchronized and prepare for food intake. Plus, if you eat at certain set times, your metabolism will improve significantly. The study is by scientists from the Salk Institute in California and the data from it have been published in the Cell Metabolism journal.

Around the holidays, everyone indulges more - which is expected considering all of the delicious meals present on the table. Scientists do remind us that when we gain weight there are also other factors that affect us, besides what time we eat.

These include lack of sleep, eating on the go and others. According to the American study, air conditioners are also responsible for obesity - the highest number of overweight Americans is in the southern states, where almost 70% of homes have an air conditioner.