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Six Health Benefits of Blackcurrants

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Blackcurrants are yet another exceptionally healthy fruit; according to some sources they are even healthier than the so-called "superfruits", which are quite expensive.

They contain antioxidants and nutrients, giving it the means to compete with some of its distant cousins - goji berry, acai berry and others.

Blackcurrants are chock full of vitamins which stimulate brain and body function. According to British media, there are 6 main reasons why we should put our faith in this dark purple fruit more often.

- It helps the liver - according to experts from the University of Turku, Finland, people who regularly consume blackcurrants significantly decrease the enzyme ALAT (alanine aminotransferase), which is detrimental to the liver.

According to the biochemistry and food chemistry faculty, this may help lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases long-term.

- It helps improve concentration - due to the numerous antioxidants found therein, blackcurrants help fight fatigue and can significantly raise alertness.

Results from a past study in New Zealand have shown that people who increased their intake of this dark fruit lowered their psychological fatigue. Based on the scientists' finds, it is advised to drink an extract of the fruit before stressful mental tasks.

- Aids in urinary tract infections - blackcurrants contain the substance proanthocyanidin. This substance is also found in lingonberries and helps the body by stopping the bacteria that stick to the walls of the urinary tract. In this way it protects against inflammation. According to experts, berry products can halt the spread of certain types of harmful bacteria.

Blackcurrant Juice

- Helps to increase workout endurance - blackcurrants help lower the accumulation of lactic acid in the blood, which in turn, can cause muscle pain during exercise.

A recent study held in the University of Chichester, United Kingdom, showed that blackcurrant powder decreases lactate build during bike riding experiments. The study was held in the sports sciences faculty.

- Helps for better night vision - the flavonoid compounds and anthocyanosides that are found in berry products are potent antioxidants. They are actually the basis of a substance called rhodopsin. This is a pigment found in the photoreceptors of cells which in turn perceive light.

- It helps protect against cold and flu - it contains more vitamin C than oranges.