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Cities with the Tastiest Street Food

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Street food

One of the most important benefits of the majority of tourist destinations is the food. And we're not just talking about high-class restaurants and diners. That which provokes the unparalleled interest of fans of culinary tourism is the traditional food found on the street.

A study of people's preferences determined the top 10 cities with the tastiest street food. And here they are:

Brussels, Belgium. Even though the exquisite cuisine of Brussels is proverbial, the study also proved the people's great love of French fries, a national dish. They are available at every street corner in the city. Vendors offer different types of sauces to go with them - from mayonnaise to spicy Brazilian ketchup.


Mexico City, Mexico. Street food in Mexico City is incredibly diverse. One of the most beloved foods is elote - corn on the cob served with mayonnaise, Cotija cheese, a little chili and lime. In the big market areas in Mexico, they offer juices similar to fresh squeezed, as well as mango jam with chili or tamarind.

Ambergris Caye, Belize. The attraction here is the food that is sold at the pier. A refreshing dish of fish or barracuda is offered at small food carts. The fish is always freshly caught.

Istanbul, Turkey. The number 1 spot for the most preferred street food is of course the doner kebab. The meat can be lamb, chicken or veal. Some lesser-known foods are simit - a bagel with sesame, midye dolma - stuffed mussels and others. For an appetizing sandwich with fresh mackerel you have to visit the ferryboat docks near the Galata Bridge, as well as the diners on the bridge itself.


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Tourists' eagerness to try different foods in this city often ends with various stomach issues. This is due to the low standards of food hygiene sold in the streets of Vietnam. Because of this, it is a good idea to only visit tried and tested stands that have longer lines of customers.

One of the preferred street foods is pho soup, bánh mì sandwiches and spring rolls. Other popular choices include local dishes, such as cơm tấm (boiled rice) with a fried egg and bo la lot - beef seasoned with various herbs and wrapped in a leaf.

Singapore. The hundreds of food stands in the indoor and outdoor markets turn the city-state into a street food capital. There you can find all kinds of satay or Hainanese steamed chicken, as well as kaya sandwiches with coconut jam. In addition, it is in Singapore that you can try laksa, noodles in curry, as well as coconut soup and season every dish with more meat, tofu, seafood and spices.


Bangkok, Thailand. The Thai capital has been described as the one with the richest variety of places to eat. If you find yourself over there, be sure to try the green salad with papaya, Pad Thai, chicken with green curry and sticky Thai rice with mango.

Palermo, Italy. Palermo, the administrative center of the region of Sicily, delights with a wide variety of fried foods, such as arancini - rice balls with a meat and feta cheese sauce, potato croquettes and cardoon. And of course you simply can't leave without trying Sicilian pizza.

Penang, Malaysia. The unforgettable sour fish soup, Indian-style pita, chicken, veal or pork satay, stir-fried rice noodles - this is just a small taste of the street food in this Northwestern state of the Malaysian peninsula.


Marrakesh, Morocco. The ancient capital is one of the most colorful tourist destinations. In the streets of Marrakesh you will find bright colored olives and spices, such as saffron, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, white pepper. The most popular stands are located in the main square Jemaa el-Fnaa. They are wooden tables offering roasted lamb, couscous, eggplants, kebab, shawarma, harira and many other foods that tempt the taste buds.