Delicious and Healthy Recipes with Jerusalem Artichoke
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Delicious and Healthy Recipes with Jerusalem Artichoke

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The Jerusalem artichoke also goes by the name of earth apple, sunroot, sunchoke. This root vegetable possesses a rich taste and very healthy properties. In it there are micronutrients important for humans, including iron, fiber, magnesium, zinc and others, as well as vitamins B and C. As with almost all other vegetables, the Jerusalem artichoke is low in calories and is quickly absorbed by the body.

The Jerusalem artichoke is a recommended vegetable during the winter, since it provides the body with the necessary beneficial substances during that period. It contains no starch but has natural sugar instead. Every recipe with Jerusalem artichoke is not just delicious but is also healthy. It can be eaten raw, baked or boiled. And you don't even have to peel it - just wash it well.

Healthy Salad with Jerusalem Artichoke

Ingredients: 4 Jerusalem artichokes, 1 carrot, 1 small apple, 1/2 bunch of dill, 2 tablespoons sunflower seeds, 1/2 a lemon.

Jerusalem artichokes

Preparation: Wash the Jerusalem artichokes well and peel them. Wash the carrot and apple and grate them. Squeeze out the juice from the lemon over the mixed vegetables. Stir well so that the lemon seeps into all of them. The lemon juice will prevent the grated vegetables from darkening. Salt the salad, pour on some olive oil or oil and stir. Right before serving, sprinkle it with the finely chopped dill and the sunflower seeds.

Soup with Jerusalem Artichoke

Ingredients: 7 oz Jerusalem artichokes, 1-2 carrots, 1-2 celery stalks, several bunches of parsley, 2 spoons of oil, lemon to taste.


Preparation: Cut the Jerusalem artichokes into slices. Along with the finely chopped parsley, celery and roundly sliced carrots, saute in the oil until softened. Pour in water over the products. Once they simmer a bit, season with lemon to taste.

Jerusalem Artichoke with Rice

Ingredients: 17.5 oz Jerusalem artichokes, 2/5 tsp white pepper, 1 1/3 tbsp type 500 flour, 4/5 cup milk, 4/5 cup rice, 2/5 cup oil.

Preparation: Peel the Jerusalem artichokes, boil and drain them, then cut them finely. Pour half of the oil in a tray and stir with the rice. Arrange the pieces of Jerusalem artichokes on top. Sprinkle on the flour and season with salt and white pepper to taste. Pour the milk and remaining oil over this and bake in a moderate oven until ready.