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Culinary Use of Blue Cheese

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Blue Cheese

Blue cheeses are seen as a refined addition to any dinner table. They are covered with a probiotic mold that is also found at their core. They mature under special conditions, usually in caves.

Blue cheeses are served with different kinds of fruits, with freshly-baked bread and with wine. But a blue cheese, no matter its type, can be added to salads, dishes, hors d'oeuvres and main courses.

Cream of broccoli and blue cheese soup is a delectable choice. You can prepare it very easily with 1 1/3 tbsp of butter, 2 onion heads, 1 head of broccoli, 3 1/5 cups milk, 4/5 cup cream and 3.5 oz blue cheese.

Melt the butter and braise the onions in it until golden. Add the chopped broccoli and milk. Saute for half an hour. Add the cream and blue cheese and cook 10 min. Mash it and serve with pieces of blue cheese.

Blue Cheese Soup

Blue cheeses are also a wonderful addition to different types of salads. What makes a delicious and exquisite companion to your holiday menu is a salad of arugula, mint and blue cheese.

You will need a bunch of arugula, half a bunch of mint, a handful of walnuts, 1 tbsp honey, 1 lemon, 3.5 oz blue cheese, 1 pear. Shred the arugula and mint finely.

Cut the pear into slices and sprinkle it with lemon juice. Melt the honey and put the walnuts in it. Saute for 2 min. Dice the blue cheese. Mix everything and sprinkle with lemon juice.

Baked sweet potatoes with blue cheese are another tasty delight. For 1 serving you need 1 sweet potato, 2 garlic cloves, 1 pinch of salt, 1 oz blue cheese.

Salad with Blue Cheese

Wash the sweet potato, without peeling it, put it on a piece of foil. Add the garlic and salt, wrap the foil and bake at 390°F (200 °C) for 40 min.

Take out the potato, cut it in 2 and wrap again in the foil, return to the oven for another 20 min. Take them out of the oven, crumble the cheese with your hands and sprinkle the potato.

A marvelous dessert are baked apples with cream of blue cheese. You need 4 apples, 1 2/3 tbsp flour, 1 2/3 tbsp brown sugar, 1 2/3 tbsp butter, 2 2/3 tbsp ground hazelnuts, 2 tbsp powdered sugar, 1/5 cup water, 1.5 oz blue cheese, 2 2/3 tbsp cream, 1 tbsp honey.

Mix the hazelnuts with the flour and sugar, add the butter and mix everything to crumbs. Put them in an oven dish and bake 8 min. at 360°F (180 °C). Wash the apples, remove the cores, place them in an oven dish, pour in water, sprinkle powdered sugar and bake.

To make the creamy mixture, grate the cheese, mix it with the 2 2/3 tbsp cream and the honey. Put some hazelnuts in each plate, with an apple on top and then decorate with the creamy mixture.



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