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Aromatherapy with Grapefruit Decreases Appetite

Plamena M.Plamena M.
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Grapefruit Woman

There are thousands of ways and methods to lose weight. Some give results but the majority end in failure. One innovative practice in this field is exceptionally unique and beneficial. If you would like to fit into your old jeans again, consider losing weight with aromatherapy.

Essential oils have an invisible but noticeable effect. When used correctly, they can uplift our mood by decreasing stress and tension. Plus, they help relax the body, while at the same time keeping the brain focused and concentrated.

In addition, essential oils can aid in the battle with excess pounds. The essential oil from grapefruit is best.

Experts recommend to inhale deeply from it every day, 3 times a day. This helps regulate appetite. This sour fruit is known to have a low glycemic index and contain fibers, which keep the body full for long.


Grapefruit essential oil has numerous uses. It has medicinal applications against muscle fatigue and stiffness. In parallel, it stimulates the lymphatic system, thereby cleansing the body of toxins. Regular use of grapefruit oil for weight loss leads to excellent, long-lasting results.

Grapefruit oil is used to treat acne and oily skin. It is also used for hair care. It finds applications in inhalers, massage oils, in the bath, in creams and lotions, as well as others.

When used for weight loss, grapefruit essential oil stabilizes metabolism. Essential oils from lemon, juniper, ginger, rosemary, cypress, Geranium macrorrhizum L. and dill can also boast of similar results. Besides lowering appetite, they also help get rid of excess fluids.

One of the downsides is that grapefruit essential oil predisposes to habituation. If this happens, its benefits begin to pale. The solution is to replace grapefruit essential oil with olive essential oil.