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Superfoods for Spring

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Spring is the time when a person senses the aroma of nature in bloom, the unobtrusive warmth of the sun's rays and that light, pleasant breeze. This is also the time when most of us remember that it's time to get rid of those excess pounds we've gained during the wintertime.

Instead of falling for drastic diets, with which you may definitely lose a lot of body weight but then quickly regain it, you can try a longer term but definitely healthier diet of real superfoods for spring.

We're talking about those products that will both satisfy your hunger and provide you with energy. Here is a list of the most suitable foods for the spring season, which you can use to build your own healthy, energetic diet. It will help you shed some extra weight and protect you against spring fatigue.

1. Salad - a fresh spring salad, no matter if it is a curly or plain lettuce, iceberg, arugula, kopf salad or other, is a source of many vitamins and mineral salts valuable to the human body. You can eat fresh salad with pure delight anytime during the day, as long as you've washed it and removed any damaged leaves.


2. Nettle - it is chock full of vitamins, enzymes, organic acids, minerals salts, chlorophyll and dyes and is one of the vegetables that appears during the spring. Its leaves have 100 mg of vitamin C and 10 mg of carotene per 100 g. A soup or stew made from nettle will provide you with enough iron that your body loses during the spring.

3. Spinach - as far as mineral salts and nutrient content, it takes one of the top spots among spring vegetables. During heat treatment, some of its precious substances are destroyed.

4. Radishes - a rich source of minerals and vitamin C. As well, they have a proven detoxifying action and the most curious and little-known fact is that the leaves are also edible.


5. Asparagus - they are among the spring superfoods that are very rich in vitamin A, phosphorus, calcium and potassium.

6. Peas - one of the earliest spring vegetables that can be consumed boiled in a stew or soup or in salads.

7. Zucchini - especially suitable for people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases since they have a soft cellulose.