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The Most Horrifying Foods Served in Restaurants

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Every traveler that loves visiting distant destinations is practically obligated to not only get to know the traditions of the given country but its cuisine as well. After all, food is considered a sort of mirror of the temperament of a given society.

And, the farther the destination, the more extravagant the cuisine. So today we will introduce you to several dishes, which even though considered a delicacy in some regions of the world, still incite terror in many tourists.

1. Roasted guinea pig

If you think of this animal as a fluffy pet, you'd best cross off Ecuador on your list of dream destinations. People who have eaten this meat delicacy share that the taste is similar to duck meat, while the crunchy crust is a real feast for the senses.

2. Tuna fish eye

This of course is a real delicacy in the Land of the Rising Sun. It is predominantly eaten in luxury Japanese restaurants but if someone at home is trying to impress you, this is definitely the food that will do it or at least try to.


3. Fertilized duck egg

The dish, known as balut, is part of the menus of many fast food joints in southeastern Asian countries. This delicacy is in essence a boiled duck egg, containing the embryo of an already formed duck. Numerous eccentrics who have satisfied their hunger with this unhatched egg are of the opinion that it is one of the strongest aphrodisiacs.

4. Pig's brain in milk

This specialty might be a bit far off for most people's palates. It is sold canned, with the label reading that it contains 3500 mg of cholesterol, 1170% of our recommended daily value, per serving.

5. Seal stuffed with seagull

If you're wondering what the peoples way up north ate during their Christmas holidays, the right answer is: kiviak. This gruesome dish is part of Greenland's traditional cuisine and of several other northern peoples' as well. In order to be completely ready for consumption, the seal stuffed with seagull needs to sit a whole 7 months in the ice.