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Foods That Upset the Stomach

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Fried food

It's a well-known fact that food and health are intrinsically connected. It's also been proven that many diseases can be treated successfully if a person knows which foods to eat.

At the same time, it's crucial to know that certain foods upset the stomach and even though they should not be completely excluded from our weekly diet, we must approach them with more caution and not overconsume them.

Here's what you need to know about some of the more commonly consumed products and spices that you need to be careful with:


1. Cabbage - it's exceptionally healthy since it contains many substances important for the human body but when consumed in large amounts, cabbage can easily irritate the stomach lining.

2. Ripe beans - a common product, often made into stew or soup. But we must also be careful with it. It's good to eat green beans once a week but with a lot of vegetables and not several times a day.

Chili peppers

3. Chili peppers and hot spices - even though considered a natural antibiotic, chili peppers consumed in excessive amounts can lead to stomach pains. Care should also be taken with black pepper, especially for people suffering from ulcers.

4. Sodas - need to be avoided, especially when in combination with coffee or alcohol.


5. Fried and crumbed foods - there's hardly a person that doesn't like fries or fried sprat. Fried dishes are definitely delicious but avoid fried food, as well as crumbed, when you can.

6. Lukanka, sujuk, blood sausage and pastirma - among the most preferred appetizers, especially in the Balkans, but always contain a lot of salt, that definitely irritates the stomach.

7. Products with an excessive amount of cellulose - these are predominantly fruits which contain vitally important vitamins at the same time. Eat fruits daily but do so in moderate quantities.