How to Prepare Halibut

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Halibut fish

Most fish lovers are probably familiar with halibut. For anyone who isn't, this is an oceanic, sea or river fish, a cousin of turbot. It's most commonly found in the warm waters of the South Atlantic Ocean.

Halibut has juicy and soft meat with a perfectly white color. It's famed for being one of the healthiest and lowest calorie fish overall. This is due to its minimal amount of fat. It's highly sought after, for it is recommended for many diets. According to new research, just 7 oz of halibut weekly is enough to protect you from cardiovascular diseases.

If you've decided to eat halibut you'll be faced with 4 different families to choose from. All of them are edible. The difference lies in their color and positioning of the eyes. Brown halibut are the most popular. On rarer occasions, you may find green, blue, red or orange fish of this type.

Halibut provides many wonderful benefits. It is a valued source of proteins that are more easily absorbable than in any other type of meat. Vitamins from groups B, A and E are also in abundance, in combination with magnesium and phosphorus. It is vitamins that help transform food into energy.


To enjoy the beneficial qualities of halibut, it's best to prepare it on the grill, in a frying pan or in the oven. The most common recipes with it are made with minimal amounts of oil because they're intended for specific diets. On the other hand it has such a wide range of use that it can be included in literally any recipe requiring fish - soups, salads, sandwiches, skewers.

As with all fish, halibut also goes excellent with tomato sauce and onions. It goes great, no matter how strange it may sound, with dairy products and especially - cheese.

Halibut is not suitable for smoking. Marinating it only takes several minutes. Extended marinating makes it too soft and difficult for treatment.

Dried spices are best for this type of fish. Further, it does not require excessive seasoning. It's quick to prepare.