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Foods to Avoid During the Summer

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Burger and Fries

Certain foods need to be avoided during the summer season at all costs due to their high levels of sugar and fats, which are in no way healthy in the heat.

1. Carbonated drinks - besides not quenching thirst, sodas speed up the body's dehydration due to their high amounts of sugar.

Hydration of the body is exceptionally important throughout the hot summer months, making it crucial for us to stay far away from carbonated drinks.

2. Fatty meat - the fats in fattier types of meat, especially pork, are also not at all healthy during the summer. Steaks and shish kebabs should be avoided, especially if roasted, because they contain carcinogenic substances, remind experts.


3. Sausages - wieners, salami and pâtés remind us of real meat with their taste but the truth is they are not. They are loaded with all kinds of flavor enhancers and fats, which is why we should avoid them.

4. Chocolate desserts - due to their tremendous amounts of sugar, chocolate desserts are also not recommended for our bodies. There's nothing wrong with consuming moderate quantities of chocolate on its own but if it's part of a cake or layer cake we must think carefully before we eat it.

5. French fries - fries and beer are a classic summer combo but experts remind that fries are filled with fat which are not good for us during the heat waves.


6. Buttercream - all delicious treats covered with buttercream must be avoided at all costs during the summer. The level of fat in them is at such a degree that they are unhealthy even in colder weather.

7. Mayonnaise - avoid eating mayonnaise in the summer but if you do check it carefully because it spoils a lot faster than normal in the heat.

8. Fast food - the greatest source of unhealthy fats is fast food such as burgers, sandwiches and French fries. That's why we must completely remove them from out summer diet.