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Pears - the New Superfood

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Pears are on their way to becoming a new superfood. They are loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber, while low in calories and fat at the same time. Experts have found numerous benefits that eating pears provides. They are as follows:

Anti allergy. The delicious fruit contains the natural antihistamine quercetin. It's no wonder then that the 1st type of juice usually given to newborn babies is from pears - it's high unlikely for it to lead to any types of allergies. Additionally, individuals suffering from allergies (and especially hay fever) are given supplements with quercetin to alleviate symptoms.

Protects bones. Pears contain high levels of the mineral boron. It helps the body retain calcium. The fruits are also rich in vitamin K - a vitally important vitamin for bone health.

At the same time it maintains the production of hormones, including estrogen. They prevent the body from losing bone mass.

Tasty Pears

Easier breathing. The juice from pears has been used for millennia in Chinese medicine. It's recommended for lung diseases since it helps decrease the amount of phlegm and soothes the throat. These fruits contain the antioxidant glutathione which boosts the lungs' immunity and stops infections in their earliest stages.

For diabetes. It's been proven that the consumption of unpeeled pears more than 5 times a week improves insulin sensitivity.

As well, the fruits have polyphenols, which act as a defense mechanism against the development of type II diabetes. They also help maintain lower blood sugar levels.

For pregnancy. Pears contain folic acid - one of the most important substances during pregnancy. It prevents deformities from forming in the fetus.

Pears provide the body an abundance of nutrients that are required for a normal pregnancy.

For hangovers. Pears have been proven to lower alcohol levels in the blood, which can prevent a hangover in turn. The only condition is to eat them before drinking.