The Wonderful Benefits of Soursop
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The Wonderful Benefits of Soursop

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Soursop Fruits

The soursop fruit provides a whole lot of benefits to the body - all due to the high quantity of vitamins and minerals found in the green, egg-shaped fruit.

But aside from the fruits of the plant, the bark and leaves of the tree are also healthy. Exceptionally rich in almost all group B vitamins, as well as vitamin C, the fruit helps regulate high blood pressure.

It's also effective for liver problems, urinary tract infections. Sources indicate that the fruit is effective for osteoporosis and can treat hemorrhoids and herpes also.

In the regions where the fruit is well known, it has been used to treat numerous diseases for centuries - the exotic fruit can even treat coughs and runny nose.

It helps with respiratory conditions, arthritis, heart problems. Regular consumption of infusions made from soursop leaves or bark will strengthen your immune system and keep the flu away from you during winter.

Ever more studies are proving that the active ingredients in the fruit can help treat oncological diseases. Remarkably, the fruit kills cancer cells but in no way damages the healthy tissues of the body.

Scientists have tested the efficiency of the fruit in various types of cancer - it's claimed to help treat breast, lung, pancreatic, colon and prostate cancer.


So far experts have studied 12 different types of cancer and it turns out that soursop has a positive effect on all of them. Extract from the fruit can limit the growth of tumors by 32%, claim several studies.

The fruits, leaves and bark of the plant are considered to be equally effective against cancer. Soursop fruits, leaves and bark can be found, albeit not easily, in organic food stores.

To make an infusion from them, you need 3 leaves of the plant. They can be dried or fresh. Cut them and put them in a suitable container, then pour in a glass of boiling water.

Leave the infusion as is for 40 min., then strain it and sweeten it if you like. Sugar is not recommended as a sweetener - use honey or stevia instead.