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Revolutionary: the 1-Minute Cake

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You may have found yourself wanting to make some type of sweet dessert for your family but without wasting too much time. Besides mixing all the ingredients together, the cake needs to be baked, then cool, all this costing too much time.

No matter how crazy it may sound, it's now possible to make a cake in just 1 min. This unusual culinary invention was thought of and realized by students from Harvard University.

And if you know you can mix up the products in roughly the same amount of time, you might also like to know that this cake can be baked in that same amount of time.

The cake is in fact contained in a can, similar to the kind whipped cream is sold in. All the chef has to do is squeeze it into muffin forms or a cake form. And then bake the cake.

After 1 min., the cake, aromatic and delicious, will be ready for consumption. The speedy baking of the dessert is due to it being "baked" in the microwave.

The "Spray Cake", as it's called, was originally conceived as a student project, but knowing American creativity, it will likely be available in stores in due time.


The creators of the dessert-in-a-can state that the ingredients contained in their cake are no different than those in the usual cake recipe and that the dessert is absolutely safe to eat. The only difference is the absence of a leavening agent in the mixture - there is no baking soda or baking powder, claim the students.

This in turn speeds up the process of preparation and the cake can be ready in a dazzling 60 seconds. But ultimately, no matter how quick and easy it is to make a cake from a can it would hardly compare to a homemade cake you prepare yourself.

Plus, it doesn't really take that long and there are recipes with which you can have the cake batter made in no longer than 10 minutes' time. And, the satisfaction from the end result may last quite a while.