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Which are the Healthiest National Cuisines in the World?

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Italian Food

The national cuisine of a country forms in accordance to the culture and customs of its citizens. But certain traditional dishes around the world can be a shining example of what it means to eat healthy.

Thai Cuisine

Виетнамска кухня

Soups predominate the culinary menu of this nation, being both healthy and very delicious at the same time. The favorite of locals and tourists alike is Tom Yum Kung soup, which is made with shrimp, lemongrass, ginger, coriander and turmeric.

This typical Thai cuisine soup is also recommended for its antioxidant properties, by which it supports the digestive system and boosts immunity.

Peruvian Cuisine

In the culinary traditions of Peru they bet on fruits and vegetables. One of their tastiest recipes is ceviche, a mix of seafood, lemons and loads of spices. In modern versions, they also add quinoa to ceviche to enhance its health properties.


Vietnamese Cuisine

In Vietnamese cuisine, they bank on spices, with mint and paprika often found in their recipes. A nationwide favorite is pho soup, made from noodles, peppers, green onions and chicken meat.

Italian Cuisine

A lot of folks might find it surprising but the nation that eats the most pasta has one of the healthiest cuisines. The secret is, despite putting an emphasis on carbohydrates, among Italian recipes we often come across healthy garlic, spices, olive oil and fresh veggies.

Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Food

The Japanese way of eating is the #1 recommended worldwide. Numerous studies testify to the positive results of their diet, indicating that the life expectancy in the land of the rising sun reaches 82 years of age, while only 1.5% of the entire population is obese.

Japanese recipes utilize all kinds of fish, vegetables and buckwheat.