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Today We Celebrate International Coffee Day

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Today we celebrate an occasion honoring one of the most beloved drinks - coffee. A study held in Great Britain, to commemorate this day, has found that coffee lovers are wealthier and happier than the rest.

Coffee drinkers surpass tea drinkers in many aspects. Statistics show that coffee lovers earn, on average, 28 000 pounds yearly, versus 26 000 pounds by tea drinkers. In Great Britain, the ratio between the 2 hot beverages is 53.3% for tea and 46.7% for coffee.

2000 people took part in the survey. It's been found that lovers of the dark, aromatic drink take higher positions at the workplace more often.

Their coworkers and they themselves, see them as exceptionally fun people. Then we have the tea lovers camp, who tend to be more competitive in the work environment. They are more fun outside the workplace.

Individuals who prefer tea are much more hot tempered in comparison to those who prefer coffee. Caffeine lovers are more tractable and calm. Plus, they are late for work less often and drive to work more seldom.

On the other hand, tea lovers work overtime more frequently but do admit that they would flirt with their bosses in the hopes of getting a raise. And that's probably why the majority of tea drinkers have received at least one raise in the past 5 years. They see themselves as "team players".


Among the other interesting facts is that while they're enjoying their favorite coffee, its fans surf the Internet, while those who would rather have tea, drink it while gossiping with their colleagues.

Of course if we were to consider the differences health-wise between the 2 beverages, each of them would have its own particular advantage. For example, coffee refreshes and gives energy, while tea is filled with vitamins and minerals, thanks to the herbs from which it's made.

Tea is easier to make, is rich in antioxidants, helps in the fight to shed those extra pounds, is good for the teeth, protects bones, lowers stress and boosts the immune system.

On the flip side, the caffeine in coffee tones us and makes us smarter, helps us burn fat, boosts us our physical abilities, lowers the risk of type II diabetes and even depression, by making us feel happier.

In addition, coffee protects from Alzheimer's disease and dementia, decreases the risk of getting Parkinson's disease, has beneficial effects on the liver, lowers the risk of stroke, rejuvenates and hinders aging. Whichever one of the hot beverages you choose, you can't go wrong.