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Disgusting Facts That Will Make you Quit Eating Fast Food

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Fast food is among the unhealthiest. If that fact alone cannot deter you from eating it, then maybe the following list of facts will have better luck.

Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

Hot dogs and hamburgers - these otherwise tasty and appetizing foods are filled with the so-called pink slime. This is a mixture of beef connective tissue and fat, processed with ammonium hydroxide. Quite appetizing!

Chicken Nuggets

There is a shortage of actual chicken in the chicken nuggets offered in fast food places. To save money, manufacturers add fat, bones and connective tissue, to provide density and volume. Once the final product is obtained, it's stored for frozen for long periods. Among the chemicals used to then process the chicken nuggets so they look fresh are alcohol, ethyl acetate and acetone.



The most popular soda can boast with its 10 teaspoons of sugar per can. This exceeds the World Health Organization's daily recommended allowance of sugar several times over.


When we feel like eating something healthy on-the-go, we might go for a salad. Unfortunately, they too are not among the healthiest choices. Lettuce in fast food joints is usually processed with propylene glycol - a chemical element found in high quantities in antifreeze as well. An interesting fact, there's more fat and sodium in the salads sold in fast food restaurants than in the burgers offered there.


If you think that milkshakes are among the healthier items on a fast food menu, you are lying to yourself horribly. In truth, they contain artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, which are everything but healthy.

Among the other "unique" ingredients in shakes we find butyric acid, often found in rancid butter, ethyl valerate and isobutyl anthranilate. The latter must never be heated since it begins to release a toxic gas.


Processed Cheese

The processed cheese in fast food chains has nothing in common with that sold in stores. It is the color of chemicals and is unbelievably delicious but cannot compare to processed cheese from milk by any means.


Everything served in these chains also contains a considerable amount of hair. It's in the form of the amino acid L-cysteine, which is extracted from animal feathers and human hair.

Among the other things that have been found and continue to be present in fast food are rodent hair, insects and microbial agents - bacteriophages that prevent processed food from spoiling.