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Cities with the Best Coffee Worldwide

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For some cities, coffee isn't simply a morning drink that wakes you up for work but an entire culture in its own right. As such, these places infuse all of their passion in its preparation.

The BBC has toured around the world, showing us where we can get the best cup of joe.

Taipei, Taiwan

When in a Taipei cafe, not only will you be able to try coffee with an indescribable aroma, you'll also feel like a true guest of honor in this foreign country. The Taiwanese are friendly and welcome you to their establishments with a wide smile.

Their excellent cappuccinos are also not to miss, ones you can sip on while doing a puzzle with a local.


Melbourne, Australia

In one of the most hospitable cities on the planet they also serve some of the best coffee. Further, the city's atmosphere makes it easy to quickly blend in with the locals.

The espresso in this Australian city has been a favorite of every generation throughout the past 50 years and unlike the typical Italian espresso, in Melbourne they give it a hint of sweetness.

Havana, Cuba

Coffee is a drink deeply ingrained in Havana's traditions. Locals take pride in their coffee and every tourist to the city is obligated to try a cup of it at least once.

Café Cubano is the most popular type of coffee. It is a thick espresso served with sugar and Cubans drink one after almost every meal.

Vienna, Austria

The heart of Europe also offers one of the best coffees you can ever hope to drink. The city has unbelievable architecture you can enjoy while sipping on your beverage.


There's hardly a person that hasn't heard of the infamous Vienna Coffee, made with coffee, liquid chocolate, milk, cinnamon and cream.

Seattle, USA

The headquarters of the most popular coffee chain, Starbucks, is located in Seattle. However, each of the city's regions takes pride in the specific way it boils its drink.

Rome, Italy

Naturally, the city that gave the world the espresso, cappuccino and latte is a must on the list of cities where you can have the best coffee.

The typical Italian coffee is single shot and strong, and if you'd like to drink it just like the Italians you have to order it in the morning after breakfast.