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What Not to do While We're Eating

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Eating right is the key to us being healthy, composed, successful and happy every day. Food affects not only our physical condition but our mind as well. Living energy is distributed in the food, air and water. As such, our thoughts and emotions are affected by the quality of the food we consume.

We all know that it's good to eat fresh natural products that give life to our cells. Aside from this, we also need to follow the main points of advice for proper eating, in order to enjoy a peaceful and positive relationship toward ourselves and our surrounding world.

First off, the environment in which you eat needs to be peaceful. Don't eat standing up, don't work at the same time, don't read or watch TV. All this will put eating in second place and it won't be fruitful. Plus it's good, if possible, to eat our meals at the same time every day.

It's a huge mistake to eat when you're not hungry. Often we also let our snacks in between become our main meals, which completely messes up our eating schedule for the day.

Don't eat fast. Food that goes into the body needs to be well chewed. This will not only ease its digestion but also provide all of its necessary benefits.

Don't eat heavy foods at dinner and try to eat your last meal of the day no later than 8 PM. Heavy food is a lot more difficult to digest in the late hours, with this inevitably disturbing a quality sleep.

Don't stuff yourself. There must always be some free space in your stomach in order for the digestive process to occur properly. When you're fed, you should have a feeling of energy and bliss, not heaviness and fullness.

Never drink milk with other food.

Greedy Eating

Don't just eat whatever comes along. Your body itself sends indications about what it wants to eat. When given a choice of food, listen to its needs.

In certain situations however, when you feel the urge to eat unhealthy foods, this is a result of bad habits or you've gone out of balance and aren't prone to your body's needs.

Learn to recognize what's good for your body. If you feel an affinity toward something you know that's not good for you, try it carefully. Determine its true taste and the taste qualities and substances contained in the food.

This test will be your guide in the future, allowing you to get rid of the desire to consume unhealthy food.

Digestion is most frequently disrupted by eating too much and/or too often. Protein-rich foods eaten at night usually have this exact effect. Don't allow it.