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The 10 Most Expensive Foods in the World

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Eggs with caviar

To eat certain dishes at a high-end restaurant you have to be a millionaire or very close to it because these dishes cost thousands of dollars. Some of them are favorites among Hollywood stars.

1. Pasta with white Alba truffle for $176 000 - this luxurious dish is offered at Nobu restaurant in Dubai. The pasta is generously sprinkled with a unique white truffle that's only found in Italy.

2. Appetizers with Almas caviar for $25 000 - Almas is a very rare type of caviar, processed only in Iran. It's obtained from albino sturgeon between the ages of 60 - 100. This dish is served in only 5 restaurants around the world.

Ice Cream

3. Melon and ice cream dessert for $22 872 - contrary to what you might expect, it's not the ice cream that's the exquisite part of this dessert but the rare melon variety Yubari King which makes its taste so unique.

4. Black watermelon and ice cream dessert for $6100 - black watermelon is an artificially created variety, grown only in Japan and its price is as high as it is due to the uncharacteristic firmness and crunchiness.

5. Pizza Royale 007 for $4200 - the name itself makes it obvious that the pizza was created for all James Bond fans. It contains lobster marinated in high-quality cognac, caviar, tomato sauce, prosciutto, smoked salmon, venison and 24 karat gold scales for decoration.

6. A serving of 4 quail eggs with black caviar and white truffle for $3200 - one of the favorite specialties of Nicole Scherzinger.


7. Roast beef for $2800 - the high price of the beef is because of the five-star care for the cows. Each one of them is massaged and gets a beer daily.

8. An omelette for $1000 - the restaurant at Le Parker Meridien New York doesn't serve your regular omelette. Besides the eggs, chefs add lobster and black caviar to the exquisite specialty.

9. A donut for $1000 - the donut is the brainchild of chef Frank T. Jake, and cream cheese, goji berries and white truffle are just some of its ingredients.

10. Matsutake mushrooms for $1000 - this species of mushroom are extremely difficult to find in Asia and North America.