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What do 100 Calories of Healthy Food Look Like?

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If you're among the people who are trying to eat healthy, while counting the calories they consume at the same time, here's a useful list of common nutritious products (and their amounts) that contain exactly 100 calories:

1 small baked potato up to 3″ (8 cm) long and 2″ (5 cm) wide;

2 cheddar cheese cubes, as long as they're low fat;

33 grapes, if the seeds are removed;

28 baby carrots are exactly 100 calories, as long as they are eaten raw;

12 large shrimp that you can eat sauteed or boiled;

21 crackers also come out to 100 calories;


20 dried tomatoes are also 100 calories if you don't add oil to them;

9 broccoli, about 6 1/4″ (16 cm) long;

15 cashews, only if they're raw and contain no additives;

100 radishes provide your body exactly 100 calories;

100 raspberries also provide 100 calories (1 calorie per berry);

60 green beans, if eaten raw;

50 raisins are 100 calories but are also rich in nutrients;


43 okra pods, either boiled or sauteed;

34 wholegrain penne pasta pieces are also 100 calories;

1 large apple is 100 calories, medium size ones are about 70 calories;

14 almonds, eat them raw, not baked or fried;

2 oz (57 g) of veal also contain 100 calories before it's cooked.