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Five Foods That Cause Hunger

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Dried Fruits

Did you know there are foods which, instead of filling us up, actually make us even hungrier? The following 5 foods need to be consumed along with other products for balance.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits raise blood sugar levels, making you hungry immediately after consuming them. Instead, try a light snack of a few dried fruits with a little fat or protein, in order to slow the absorption of sugar. Combine them with a handful of nuts, yoghurt, even a piece of jerky.


If you begin your day with a lavish bowl of muesli or cereal, you'll feel like you could eat a horse within just 1-2 hours. If you love muesli, try one with a high content of nuts and coconut, with a low content of sugar and be sure to eat smaller amounts of it in combination with yoghurt.

Juices (even green ones)

Fresh-squeezed juices can be an excellent addition to food. Still, if you rely mainly on juices, your insulin levels will jump very quickly and secretion of the hormone of hunger will increase. Juices tend to not have any fiber, meaning you can absorb food nutrients right away. The problem arises when we primarily choose fruits that are too sweet (there's no sense denying it - kale and celery don't make the most delicious juices). In this way we take in pure sugars, which we also absorb very quickly.


White rice

White rice is a simple starch, which breaks down quickly in the body. This leads to a surge of energy, followed by a drop in blood sugar and unavoidable hunger. And even if you find it easy to avoid white rice, resisting a platter of sushi might prove to be a problem.


This shouldn't surprise anyone. Alcohol is known for arousing hunger. When alcohol is processed by the body, it acts as a sugar and fills the body with insulin. In addition, alcohol lowers your inhibitions and puts you at risk of overeating. Consume alcohol in small doses and with food rich in protein and vegetables, instead of carbohydrates.