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For and Against Microwave Ovens

Sia RibaginaSia Ribagina
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Fire marked the beginning of cooking in ancient times. Back then, humans had no expensive electric appliances and used the hearth to prepare their food. Then came the first stone ovens, clay and metal ovens, which still used firewood and direct heat.

The gas oven eventually emerged, which significantly simplified life, followed by ever newer inventions that facilitated and improved the taste and appearance of food. This too is the story of the microwave oven, which thaws, cooks and heats food in a short period of time. With the quick, easy and economical way of cooking with a single appliance also comes the question of whether these advantages are enough for us to put our trust in it and use it.

Nowadays there are quite conflicting opinions on the use of microwave ovens. There's no shortage of people who think they are harmful due to the presence of electromagnetic radiation. But in the end did they actually give up on the microwave's undeniable positive properties?

Scientists claim that it's extremely harmful to cook meat with tendons and connective tissue in these types of ovens. They are of the opinion that the substance that is formed and released while cooking that sort of meat in a microwave oven is similar to glue and has a damaging effect on the kidneys in the human body.

It's also widely known that when the door of the microwave oven is closed, it does not radiate microwaves out, although we are still advised to stay at least 12″ (30 cm) from it when heating, cooking or whatever other function we're using it for.

Microwave Oven

It's also a well-known fact that when exposing food to microwaves, it loses a significant portion of its vitamins, minerals and all other beneficial substances found in it.

And alongside all of the claims about how harmful and dangerous to our health this type of oven is, it's being used ever more widely and most people are not giving up theirs.

Unfortunately our hectic lifestyles force us to consume more and more low quality foods and out of convenience and because they cook faster we're also used to using appliances of inferior quality.

And we'll continue to ask ourselves - do we have to go back to ancient times and light fire pits so we cook correctly and eat quality food?