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Borlotti Beans - Tasty and Dietary

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Borlotti Beans Raw

Borlotti beans are a plant species from the legume family. Depending on where you find yourself, they are called cranberry beans or Roman beans. In Turkey they are called Barbunya.

In Turkish cuisine they are often used as an appetizer. They can be prepared with olive oil or meat products. Borlotti beans appear at markets beginning April and are offered fresh for 6 months. Toward the end of September they begin to take their place among other dried legumes.

If you'd like to cook Borlotti beans, soak them overnight just like you would common beans prior to cooking. Wash them the next day and put them in new water to boil.

Borlotti Beans

The most important trick for cooking Borlotti beans is pre-boiling them. First, put the beans in clean water to come to a boil. Then, drain them and parboil with hot water for another 5 min. This process removes all of the dirty water the beans release.

Next, place them in a pressure cooker, pour in enough water so the level is at 1-2 finger widths above the beans, add salt and leave to boil. Then reduce the heat and leave it on low for another 30 min. But if you intend to cook fresh Borlotti beans, boil on low heat for 15 min.