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Five Reasons to Stop Stuffing Yourself with Sweets!

Yana G.Yana G.
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Sugar and sugary foods are always tempting and have a calming effect but excessive consumption of them has detrimental effects on our health. As with all things, we shouldn't overconsume these sweet crystals but eat them within reason.

Consuming excess amounts of sugar leads to problems with our teeth, depressive states and even heart diseases.

Here are 5 good reasons to stop eating sugar:

1. Rejuvenation - or in other words, slowing the aging process. This occurs by decreasing sugar and carbohydrate intake, while at the same time eating more fruits, pomegranate and blueberries.

2. Losing weight - stopping consumption of sweets is absolutely key for losing excess weight. Diets that completely prohibit the intake of carbohydrates and sugar will help us burn more calories daily.

3. A peaceful sleep - according to various studies, Americans have sleep problems due to the excess consumption of sugar. When we eat a dessert after dinner and then go to bed, our blood sugar level rises and keeps us awake longer. This is why it's advised to avoid eating anything sweet in the evening for a more peaceful sleep.


4. More energy - the exhaustion that builds up during the day, especially at the workplace, makes us crave something sweet after lunch. We eat something sugary and charge ourselves with energy, even though it quickly dissipates and we find ourselves irritable and feeling tired. As such, decreasing sugar intake will regulate our energy levels and normalize blood sugar.

5. Protecting the liver - similar to alcohol, sugar has quite a negative impact on the liver. By lowering our sugar consumption we help maintain optimal liver function. As well, our body cleanses itself of accumulated toxins in this way.