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Eight Gifts of Nature We Can Grow in our Kitchen

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Herbs in Pot

We all prefer to cook with fresh ingredients year-round, instead of frozen or dried ones. But winter makes it nearly impossible for us to find fresh products or at least not reasonably priced ones. So why not grow them ourselves?

Let us present you 8 products that can be grown in a pot in the kitchen during wintertime. What could be better than producing and picking your own products for your next culinary adventure.

Mini basil - An annual plant, reaching up to 8″ (20 cm) high. It is absolutely adorable and suitable for growing in a pot. There's an old legend about basil - that a bunch of it in one's pocket brings them money and loyalty.

Spearmint - It is a perennial plant and with its average of 16″ (40 cm) is suitable for pot growing.

Marjoram - Used as both a spice and an herb. Marjoram is an herbaceous plant with red flowers. It loves warm weather and isn't too big (up to 16″ (40 cm) high), making it suitable for pot growing.


Parsley - When sown in a flower pot, it sprouts in about 40 days. Light pruning yields fresh parsley, while it continues to form new leaves again and again.

Windowbox Vilma tomatoes - Besides fresh spices, why shouldn't you have tomatoes too? Vilma tomatoes are short, allowing them to be grown in pots. They are easy to care for and very suitable for beginner gardeners. They provide numerous fruits and are ideal for direct consumption or for decoration.

Hungarian wax hot peppers - Decorative chilies, suitable for all spicy lovers. With their yellow and red fruits they're also incredibly beautiful! Caution: they're very hot!

Chives - Chives come in 2 varieties - onion and garlic. Once its leaves are cut at the base, new ones grow within several days. They're suitable for all sorts of salads, dishes and decoration.

Arugula - A leafy green vegetable with unique nutritional properties. It is a powerful aphrodisiac, is dietary, aromatic and delicious. Caring for it is just like with chives and it's trimmed the same way.