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Five Ways to Wake up without Coffee

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Unfortunately, coffee has its down sides: if you drink a strong, saturated coffee, it will work the expected way but will also affect the cardiovascular system and irritate the stomach. The fact is, our favorite beverage can lead to hypertensive crisis, gastritis or pancreatic diseases. And then doctors will tell you to stop drinking coffee altogether.

To prevent such an unpleasant end, you can use other methods to tone your body.

1. Morning exercise + contrast shower

This method is much more suitable for those who lead a healthy lifestyle. As well as for those with strong willpower because to do morning exercises you have to get up 30 min. earlier. A shower after is a must - it needs to be a contrast shower, in order to guarantee wakefulness the entire day.

2. Vitamins

We eat more fruits during summer and fall, which is why we feel more awake. But we do not get enough vitamins during winter and spring. Instead of coffee, try taking vitamin complexes - you'll boost your tone, strengthen your immune system and improve the condition of your skin, hair and nails.


3. Citruses

Fresh oranges and mandarins won't be available much longer but you'll find lemons year-round, so use them - they're rich in vitamin C. You can drink a fresh-squeezed lemon or eat lemon with honey. Just make sure you don't suffer from allergies to citruses or have ulcers or gastritis.

4. Cocoa and chocolate


They're similar to coffee in terms of their effects but are less potent than it and aren't so hard on the blood vessels, nervous system and stomach. When you realize you're not going to be able to open your eyes in the morning, boil yourself some cocoa or hot chocolate or simply eat a few pieces of chocolate.

5. Tea with sugar


A lot of people are convinced that only a strong black tea can wake a person up, although its effect is even more potent than coffee's. So be careful with the tea's potency, it's best to add sugar and lemon to it.