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Apricots are the Perfect Breakfast During Summer

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The apricot - a sunny fruit with a remarkable aroma. There surely can't be anyone that's tried this little golden fruit and remained indifferent to its unique aroma.

Apricot fruits have an oval shape and are about 1 1/2″ to 3″ in diameter. Generally, the outer part of the apricot is a little more velvety and smooth than a peach's. The fruits have a bright yellow - orange color and are lightly colored in red in some spots whenever they've ripened in the sun. There is a large core in the center of the fruit, where the pit lies.

The apricot is native to the region of Central Asia. Experts point to Northern China as its place of origin. Today, apricots grow anywhere that's warm and dry during the summer. Among the main producers are the countries Turkey, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Israel.

Apricots can be bought at any time during the year. The season during which European countries grow them is from May to September. The different countries overlap each other in terms of their apricot growth season by planting early and late season varieties, thereby guaranteeing a constant supply.


During the winter months, most apricots come from South Africa. Ripe apricots are golden yellow and have a sweet aroma. Apricots can easily be tested for their ripeness by pressing lightly on their surface. It needs to be soft and sensitive to pressure.

Apricots possess a pleasant sweet taste. But this only applies if the fruits have ripened out in the sun. If that is not the case, their sugar content is significantly less.

Apricots can be processed or eaten after removing the pit.

They are present in many classic desserts. They're used to make apricot brandy, as well as unbelievable jellies and jams.

Apricot Cake

When it comes to the substances found in apricots, they have a high percentage of carotene, magnesium, vitamins and minerals and provitamin A in the pit.

Apricots are low in calories and make for the perfect breakfast.

They can do wonders for people suffering from constipation due to their laxative effect.

Apricots have a rejuvenating and antibacterial effect.

Pregnant women need to eat apricots regularly because they contain plenty of folic acid, which is of crucial importance for embryo development.