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Peppers - a Vitamin Bomb

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Peppers came to Europe only after the discovery of America. There they were grown in large quantities by the Indians from Chile all the way to Mexico.

In the Balkan Peninsula they began growing peppers in the 16th century. The vegetable quickly spread to Asia as well because of the spicy taste that locals prefer.

Peppers possess a number of taste and nutritional properties. They contain a lot of vitamins - especially C and P. The amount of vitamin C is particularly high in red peppers.

Vitamin P maintains the biological activity of ascorbic acid, while vitamin C increases the biological activity of vitamin P.

Due to the low quantity of cellulose, peppers are a proven good remedy for certain stomach ailments, especially when consumed roasted. They are frequently included in diets.

Green Peppers

Peppers have a specific taste, due to the alkaloid called capsaicin. It aids proper digestion.

This vegetable is also a very good antioxidant, it lowers bad cholesterol levels in the blood, helps thin the blood and slows cell aging.

Consumption of peppers lowers the risk of abnormal blood clots. In addition, this exceptional vegetable can help in the battle against anemia.

Peppers also have an effect on the nervous system. Regular consumption of them normalizes its activity and helps deal with stress, depression and insomnia.

For these reasons, it's recommended to include peppers in our daily diet.