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Four Recipes for Homemade Fruit Juices

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Apple juice

We all love drinking fruit juices but unfortunately the percentage of real fruit content in the juices sold in stores is quite low in comparison to all the artificial flavors.

That's why it's good to learn how to make delicious fruit juices at home and store them for the winter.

Apple Juice

Ingredients: 6.5 lb sweet apples, 4.5 lb green sour apples, 2 cups sugar.

Preparation: The apples need to be well ripened. Wash and cut them into pieces, then use a fruit press or juicer to drain out their juice. Strain the drained juice if needed and mix it with the sugar.

Pour it into bottles about 2" from the top. Close the bottles air tight and sterilize for 10 min. The apple juice can also be preserved by heating it to boiling point and pouring it into heated bottles while still warm. Close the bottles airtight and turn them with the caps down.

Strawberry Juice

Strawberry juice

Ingredients: 11 lb strawberries and 3 cups sugar.

Preparation: Pick out well ripened and intact strawberries. Wash them, clean them of their stems and leaves. Squish them lightly and pass them through a fruit press. Sweeten the drained strawberry juice with the sugar and pour it into glass bottles or jars, seal them airtight and store in a cold and cool area.

Quince Juice

Ingredients: 11 lb quinces, 4.5 lb apples, 3 cups sugar.

Preparation: Quince juice is remarkably rich in taste and aromas. You can make it from quinces alone but apples enhance its flavor. Again, choose well ripened fruits. Squeeze the juice out of the quinces and apples, add the sugar and pour into bottles the same way, seal them airtight and sterilize for 10 min. just like the apple juice.

Grape Juice

Grape juice

Grape juice is made without adding any extra sugar because grapes contain plenty of fruit sugar.

Pick a dessert variety of grape that's ripe and wholesome. Wash it well, pick the grapes off the stem and mash them lightly by hand, then pass them through a press. Bottle the juice, again leaving about 2" from the top of the bottles, sterilize for 15 min. And store it, like the others, in a cool place out of reach of sunlight.