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Feeling Tired? One Salad and you'll be Feeling Like New

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Besides their culinary properties, fresh salads and lettuce have a bunch of other healthy qualities. They help overcome stress and fatigue. They contain various mineral salts, vitamins, micronutrients, cellulose and specific biologically active substances.

These vegetables are a worthy substitute of dock, spinach, sorrel in diets. When it comes to taste qualities and biological properties, plants grown in natural conditions by far exceed those grown in greenhouses. The amount of carotene in the dark green leaves of the former is 30 times greater than that in indoor-grown pale leaves, while the amount of vitamin C is 3 times more.


Fresh green veggies boost secretions of stomach and gallbladder juices, boost the release of fermenting agents that help digestion. They boost intestinal peristalsis, while their fresh taste whets the appetite.

For people with low stomach acidity and those suffering from constipation, lettuce and salads need to be present at the table every day. The iron and folic acid help against anemia and are especially good for pregnant women. They are the perfect tool for preventing sclerosis and disrupted thyroid gland function because of the high amount of iodine in them.

Sufficient amounts of zinc are required for the correct functioning of the pancreas. The quantity of vitamin C isn't that high but consumption of fresh lettuce and salads strengthens the body's defenses and protects against infection.


When preparing them, be sure to wash them thoroughly with water. It's also important that they don't sit around because this leads to degradation of the vitamin C and taste.

For people with gastrointestinal problems, the leaves of the vegetables can be steamed and made into various soups, purees, stuffings, sarma. Although once heat treated, they do lose a significant part of their beneficial substances.