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The Perfect Menu for a Day's Outing or Picnic

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Everyone loves going for a hike out in the fresh air, taking a trip through the mountains, visiting a beautiful lake or just changing things up and enjoying nature.

You can go on an outing yourself, with your family, friends or loved ones. However, you should always think about what kind of food is suitable for your outing so that you don't weigh yourself down, while at the same time have your lunch be both compact and delicious.

Another important question is how to wrap up your food so it doesn't spill out during your hike. That is why here we're going to present you with a suitable menu for just that sort of activity:

- The most important thing for any outing is to bring enough water, as well as fruits, with you. You can wash them the day before, dry them and arrange them in a plastic lunch box so they don't get damaged while you're walking.

- If you plan on barbecuing during your outing, be sure to prepare your mince and/or steaks ahead of time and season them. If you don't intend to grill, it's better to fry up some flatter and smaller meatballs ahead of time - that way they won't fall apart. You can put them in a plastic box with a lid or simply in a paper bag.


- Sandwiches during an outing are a must. You can make them using 2 slices of bread but do not use processed cheese or any other soft cheese because they can turn to mush, no matter how you package them. It's best to use just the typical butter, cheese and sausages, along with chopped slices of cucumber and lettuce. Don't add any ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise or any other sauce, especially if the weather is hot.

- For lunch, you can slice up a cucumber, tomato and onion to make a salad later, but never season it beforehand. You can make a dressing at home so you don't have to haul all the separate ingredients with which to season it later.

- Other suitable ideas for an outing include making various appetizers that go well with both a warm BBQ, as well as just spread on slices of bread. But if they contain perishable ingredients, you're going to have to carry them in a cooler.