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How to Make a Cheap Wine Taste First Class

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Wine is the drink of the gods. We're talking about high quality wine of course, which isn't exactly affordable to every budget. However, there exists an ingenious 30-second trick which can transform even the cheapest grape beverage into an enviable first class wine.

So, what do you need? First, buy a bottle of cheap wine. For this trick to work, however, the beverage must contain at least some natural elements - it can't just be water and artificial colors (it's no secret that such products are sold in stores). You're also going to need a blender - if you don't have one, try borrowing one from a neighbor. You need it for just 30 seconds, then you can show off your fabulous wine with style.

Pour the contents of the bottle into the blender and turn it on for 30 sec. That's it! In this short time, the wine will significantly improve its quality. This will allow it to breathe, it'll gain a more ripe and fruity taste, that's characteristic for expensive, aged wine.

The blender trick also helps soften the tannins in the wine. As is well known, this is important in providing the drink its superior dry taste, so highly valued by true grape elixir connoisseurs.

Yes, it sounds incredibly simple. That's why we're going to explain how exactly this trick works. The blender works like a carafe. It aerates the wine at high speeds, which helps improve its overall aroma. Usually, wine needs to be poured from one container into another, so there's no grape skins and other debris left over in your glass.


Drinking this classic aristocratic beverage, in moderate amounts, is also healthy. By using this trick you too can place a beverage worthy of true afficionados on the table. The whole concept relies on getting as much oxygen to the drink's components as possible and thereby activating the processes that turn wine into a beloved drink for millions.