Where to Spend New Year's Eve if you'd Like to Indulge with Food
Къде да посрещнете Нова година, ако сте лакомник?
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Where to Spend New Year's Eve if you'd Like to Indulge with Food

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New Year's

Choosing where to spend New Year's Eve is a key factor in determining how good of a time we'll have in celebrating it. And while fun and loud parties are a must for some, it is the food on the table that's crucial to others. According to Foodpanda however, there are a number of destinations that stand out with their holiday atmosphere and local specialties that are enticing to anyone who feels like indulging.

If you are among those food connoisseurs who love to travel, then definitely be sure to visit Sydney, Australia. You'll be left speechless by the roast lamb with macadamia nuts that they serve there. As well, on New Year's Eve you'll bear witness to spectacular fireworks and a fascinating parade of lighted boats.

Another alluring destination is Edinburgh, Scotland. If so far you've never had the opportunity to eat pudding with fried meat, potatoes and turnips, then one will surely present itself there. In addition, you'll bear witness to various forms of art and be able to go sledding, as well as participate in other sports.

South Lake, California will tempt you with French fries, double cheeseburgers and many other caloric foods. But if you're not a fan of skis or noisy parties with DJ sets, you won't be bothered by them there.

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If you love the sun and prefer beach parties, provide yourself just that kind of hot New Year's Eve experience by heading over to Hawaii. Try some fried fish with sweet bread, rice and sugar cane, while enjoying all of the natural sights.

Another top choice is London, England. Revel in a grandiose light show while eating traditional English pie and unbelievable steaks.


There's hardly a gourmand out there who hasn't heard of the infamous Wiener Schnitzel. Visit the Austrian capital to try this specialty, as well as their unforgettable Viennese sweets.