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Sauces for Chicken Steaks

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Sauce for chicken steaks

We can add flavor to chicken steaks with many different sauces. This way, they will become more juicy and tender. Sauces with various ingredients are suitable.

For more spicy chicken steaks, the suitable sauces are those that contain mustard, curry, soy sauce, garlic, hot pepper, Tabasco sauce and others. Each of these ingredients gives an incredibly spicy and pleasant taste to the chicken steaks. As an addition to the spicy ingredients you can use honey, because it gives a slightly sweet taste, but does not spoil the spicy taste. You can also add onions and garlic. They will additionally give a spicy taste to the meat and sauce.

Other suitable sauces for meat that make a chicken tender and juicy are tomato-based sauces. For example, tomato sauce with garlic or onion. The dish becomes very tasty and aromatic.

Various spices are also suitable according to your taste. Salt and black pepper are the classic spices for these sauces. You can also add parsley, dill or savory herb.

You can also prepare chicken steaks with dairy sauces - for example, sauce with yogurt, cream and even milk. You can also use smoked or cream cheese. Suitable spices are salt, paprika, black pepper, garlic and onion. These sauces are heavier and have more fat, but the meat tastes great.

Other suitable sauces are with different cheeses. You can make a sauce from four cheeses. The sauces with blue cheese and parmesan are very tasty. The suitable spices are black pepper, white pepper and salt.

Another suitable group of sauces for chicken steaks are mushroom sauces. It is appropriate to add lemon and black pepper to them.